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There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement we all get when a build goes to plan and the event is a great success. However, after many years of experience in the events industry we understand that it can be a bumpy road for the organiser to make it across that finish line. At Awesome Expo we believe we can help.

What does it take to get stands built for your client?


As a Production Project Manager or Stand Organiser, do you find yourself managing multiple subcontractors and departments from concept to live day?


Awesome Expo can be your single point of contact for almost every aspect of the stand and show building process.

Your problems, solved.

“I usually end up with multiple contractors on-site; set builders, venue branding, flooring, furniture and more! It often feels like a juggling act to make it all come together on the day.”

We can reduce the amount of contractors you have to deal with, by handling it for you. We firmly believe that you having one or two reliable and skilled contacts from our company makes life easier for you. You then have more time dedicated to your client throughout the entire process

“Getting an accurate quote for one or more stands can take a long time. The pricing can also change and fluctuate which causes problems with my budget”

We have transparent pricing, with a fixed cost of £295m²* to any venue in England or Wales. (contact us for prices on other destinations). If you need an official quote, we can get this to you within hours.

“If I need multiple stands at an Exhibition, I often have to use multiple set builders as one company can’t do it all.”

We will happily and skilfully design and build these areas for you as well. Just get in touch for some design ideas and a competitive quote!

“Many exhibition set builders are only interested in building the exhibition stands, what if I need a stage, breakout areas or a speakers lounge?”

We will happily and skilfully design and build these areas for you as well. Just get in touch for some design ideas and a competitive quote!

“I often get our design department or a freelancer to get a stand design together. The process is often lengthy and expensive to get something that can actually be made and be on budget!”

Pick from our portfolio of stand designs, or let us do the designs for you! All we need from you is some minimal information and we can provide you with expertly rendered design options on a quick turnaround.

“To get any furniture on my stand I have to get in yet another company!”

We have a great range of modern furniture included within the £295m² price. Most of it is designed and built in our own workshop. You choose your desired furniture within the designs we create, then we bring it with us and install it on build day, simple!

*Per square metre costs may increase or decrease for bespoke stands or non-stand areas (e.g stages and lounges etc.)

If you would like to know more about how the Awesome Expo team can help your next build, then please visit our FAQs or Contact Us